Our Purpose and Goals

     The La Porte Aero Club was organized in 1976 and has a clubhouse established on the grounds of the LaPorte Municipal Airport (KPPO). The clubhouse was built in 1991 by club members and recently underwent renovations in 2022.

     We promote general aviation and do so by providing a monetary donation to the LaPorte Municipal Airport Aviation Camp each year along with aviation related scholarships. In 2021, we transitioned from hosting an annual pancake breakfast to an annual airplane raffle/sale in efforts to assist in funding the Aviation Camp and annual Scholarships/Sponsorships. We sold 4,000 raffle tickets that aided in the success of our 2021 fundraiser.

     Each month we get together for a dinner/event. We have a monthly board meeting that everyone is encouraged to attend. We are a social club, not a club that owns an airplane. We just have a mutual interest in flying and all things aviation. Members are pilots, flight instructors, ultra light pilots, and people who just love airplanes. We encourage members to bring the kids, too!

Aero Club 2024 Board.pdf